League of Wayfinders is looking for imaginative, engaging storytellers to join us.


Tell a story with kids as little as one hour a week. You will make a difference in their lives as well

as your own. We have an active and engaged community of role players willing to adventure with you!

In brief, we believe role playing is good for you, and we should, at all ages, do it more.


  • Lead Elementary school aged students in exploring the Hero’s Journey through role play

  • Facilitate before and/or after school enrichment program, following League of Wayfinder’s policy and procedures for safe classroom management  

  • Active communication with parents, schools and administration staff

  • Daily notation of classroom activities  


  • Available at least one day a week for two hours before or after school (this is a generous total allotment of time for transportation, check in, 1 hour program, and release), for the length of the semester (8-16 week semesters)

  • Enjoy working with children, ages 5-10

  • Punctual and Reliable, with access to transportation  

  • An imagination!

Even Better:

  • Knowledge of basic story structure and/or the Hero's Journey

  • Experience with classroom management and/or teaching Elementary aged students

  • Available multiple days of the week

  • Experience playing and/or running Tabletop Role Playing Games

Serious applicants only!

Volunteer and Compensated positions available

If considered, League of Wayfinders will require a background check

Fill out a message to us below, attach a resume, and we will be in touch!

If you prefer, you may email us directly at join@leagueofwayfinders.com


Become a Wayfinder

We are the League of Wayfinders--a Colorado-based organization of role-playing enthusiasts seeking players and dungeon masters to join us as we set off on a new adventure. Our burgeoning West Marches campaign is played multiple times weekly in person, in-and-around downtown Denver, CO, USA. Whether you are a curious novice or a grizzled veteran, we'd love for you to help us grow our community so we can all enjoy the game and improve our role-playing skills.


For those of you unfamiliar with the "West Marches" style: It is a game with lots of adventurers who cooperate in constantly-changing parties to map the world and create community-driven stories. Unlike the more traditional campaign style where the DM plans a long-form story arc, our game lives and dies by your participation away from the actual table. Players interact online via our Obsidian Portal to record their travels, trade rumors, craft magic items, and decide what to investigate next. Specific sessions are available each week for new players to create characters and learn the basics.


Our setting is a mysterious homebrew universe created by our founders, centered on the enormous stump of a magical tree, a city built around it called 'The Rim,' and the ruins of several ancient civilizations surrounding it. We play using the D&D 5e rule-set, mostly Rules-As-Written, with some changes to XP and other aspects to accommodate the West Marches style (more details about these changes available to players on obsidian portal). The community is young, so there are still some features being added and mechanical kinks being worked out. Through player feedback over time, we hope to fine-tune the game until it is as fun and fair as possible for everyone.


We are an inclusive community, welcoming to people (ages 18+) of all colors, creeds, faiths, and identities, so long as you're excited about playing D&D and making friends who feel the same. If you're a Denver local who is interested in playing with us--or running games as DM--please fill out the form below and we will send you an invite. 

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