Each school works a little bit differently. All current schools register through their website. Please visit your school's site for details and registration. Otherwise, you can request League of Wayfinders at your school here.

Current and Upcoming Programs

Brown International School

Wednesdays 8-9 AM and Thursdays 4-5 PM 9/9-12/12

Centennial: A School for Expeditionary Learning

Mondays 3:45-5:00 PM 9/9-10/28

Polaris Elementary

Mondays 3:30-4:30 PM 9/9-11

William "Bill" Roberts Elementary

Mondays 3:15-4:15 PM 9/9-11/18

Denver Language School - Whiteman Campus

Tuesdays 2:45-4:00 PM 9/3-11/19

Inspire Elementary

Tuesdays 2:50-3:50 PM 9/10-11/12

Bromwell Elementary

Tuesdays 3:15-4:15 PM 9/10-11/5

Teller Elementary

Wednesdays 3:15-4:15 PM 9/11-11/20

SOAR Elementary

Wednesdays 4:45-4:45 PM 9/11-10/30

Steele Elementary

Thursdays 3-4 PM 9/5-11/21

Slavens Elementary

Thursdays 3:10-4:10 PM 9/5-10/17

University Park Elementary

Thursdays 3:45-4:50 PM 9/12-11/14

Swigert Elementary

Fridays 3:30-4:45 PM 9/13-11/2

Westerly Creek Elementary

Fridays 4-5 PM 9/13-11/15

Willow Elementary

Fridays 4-5 PM 9/13-11/15

Bring League of Wayfinders to your school!

Use the firm below or send us an email at programs@leagueofwayfinders.com with your enrichment coordinator's information and we will contact them about bringing a program to your kids.

All of the Wayfinders that run our games are trained in storytelling and classroom management techniques to ensure a smooth, enriching, and memorable experience for the kids we work with. We encourage each Wayfinder's personal interests and talents to guide them in co-creating a story with their group, merging the entire group's interests and imagination into an ongoing adventure that is truly theirs.