• ​​Small Class Sizes

  • Collaborative Storytelling

  • Their Own Unique Hero

  • Tried and True Story Structure

  • Education

  • Empathy Building

  • Critical Thinking

  • Completely Non-digital​

Denver Language School students posing as their heroic characters, fall/winter semester 2015.

As a member of the League of Wayfinders, participants take on the role of a unique and heroic character that they design, adventuring in a rich fantasy storytelling game. The heroes work as a team to talk their way out of jams, solve challenging puzzles, and navigate ancient monster lairs, gaining treasure, friendship, and advancing their character’s personal story in the tale that they make together.


The philosophy of League of Wayfinders is that role playing games are good for you. They bring people together, instill empathy and cooperation, and teach people that together they can solve difficult problems, overcome obstacles, and learn about themselves in the process. Any age can benefit from this activity, and League of Wayfinders has built a system that tailors to your child's specific needs, interests, and goals. We craft a story from your child's imagination, and explore the consequence of their ideas and actions.

Engaging students outside of the classroom is a difficult task. League of Wayfinders' programs offer kids a completely non-digital game that keeps them engaged. Our programs are much smaller than traditional enrichment programs, with groups ranging from 4-6 kids per instructor. Smaller classes allow for fuller involvement and one-on-one time with instructors, which helps develop a more immersive story based on the children's specific needs. Whatever they would like to explore, we provide a safe and entertaining space to adventure.


While exploring their characters, kids learn to flex their imagination in a social setting. We integrate education into the system, creating a cooperative storytelling experience that exercises critical thinking and fosters teamwork, skills that they can carry with them both in and out of the classroom.


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